Direct Primary Care on the

Northside of Indianapolis/Carmel

Over the past few years, the federal government, large hospital corporations, and commercial insurance companies have created laws and policies that are compromising the time-honored standard model of primary care family medicine. Under these laws and policies, your care will be much less individualized and you will receive less time with your physician. That’s not acceptable to me, and that’s why Brengle Family Medicine subscribes to the direct primary care model of medicine.

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, departs from traditional models of primary care by providing patients with more direct attention from their physician when they need it. Building a relationship with your doctor is nothing revolutionary; it’s just the fastest path to better health.  For example, DPC subscribers report 82% fewer surgeries and 65% fewer ER visits (British Medical Journal, October 28th, 2013)

A physician who offers Direct Primary Care allows patients to pay him directly, whether they have insurance or not. By working directly with my patients, I’m able to lower my overhead while I simultaneously improve access to care, provide more time to patients,  and decrease waiting times. This gives my patients more one-on-one attention from me at affordable cash-pricing.

Appointments may last up to an hour in order to allow patients to express their concerns and receive the answers and care they need. This ensures enough time for patients to understand their problems and treatments. All office visits are covered under this fee, including an annual wellness visit, and a monthly membership also provides access to their doctor through telemedicine and email.

How is DPC different?

Unlike insurance-based care, DPC gives you access to unlimited doctor visits and more time with your doctor. Many direct primary care patients keep their high deductible and catastrophic care policies for medical testing, lab work, specialist visits, procedures, and emergencies. Insured patients can typically receive reimbursement from insurance carriers for care received in a DPC practice via claims process with an itemized bill for review. Your DPC Physician retains the ability to order any tests or refer to specialists just as they have in a traditional practice.


With 24 years of experience practicing medicine, Dr. Brengle has helped patients on the Northside of Indianapolis and surrounding areas remain healthy. Dr. Brengle’s direct primary care practice has been created to continue offering trusted medical care to you in an individualized manner. He provides more immediate access to same-day or next-day appointments, or, when necessary, counsel via various media such as phone, text, or email. There is more time allowed for you during appointments where importance is placed not only on your treatment plan, but also on your understanding of, and comfort level with that plan of action. At Brengle Family Medicine, your health is always at the forefront.

Why Brengle Family Medicine?